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Your app's user experience needs to be fast and efficient in order to trend. It is important to monitor your bundle size constantly to identify inefficiencies. Webpack Monitor provides analysis throughout the development process. Changes in the app that may have a detrimental effect on bundle size and performance can be identified before deployment. Your bundle will be analyzed using our custom algorithm and optimization recommendations are generated. You can apply optimizations to your webpack configuration instantly. Download Webpack Monitor by npm installing today!



Know what is in your bundle at all times. Elegant dashboard that displays your bundle so you can make informed descisions about your optimizations.


Implement the best practice optimizations into your project easily and create a fast and effcient user experience.

Bundle History

Monitor your bundle history so you can check when your bundle file is getting too big before it becomes unmanageble.

Installation Instructions


Install the plugin with npm:

npm install webpack-monitor --save-dev

Basic Usage

const WebpackMonitor = require('webpack-monitor');
const webpackConfig = {
  entry: 'index.js',
  output: {
    path: __dirname + '/dist',
    filename: 'bundle.js'
  plugins: [
    new WebpackMonitor({
      capture: true,
      launch: true,

The plugin accepts the following options.

  • target: The route for the outputted JSON stats file (relative to build directory). Defaults to ../monitor/stats.json
  • launch: If true, start server and launch webpack monitor analysis dashboard. Default false
  • capture: Capture stats on current build if different from previous build. Default true.
  • port: port at which to serve webpack monitor dashboard on launch. Default 8081

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